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Financial Literacy and Default Prevention

We all know that robust college financial literacy instruction is imperative, but the iGrad platform is the only one of its kind which integrates with school systems to proactively identity risk factors and help prevent student loan default.

Financial Literacy and Financial Aid Counseling

Financial Counseling

iGrad's student platform is designed to be 100% interactive and dynamic. Students learn how to make good financial decisions through interactive courses, exercises, games and videos. Student loan borrowers learn the ins and outs of student loans and repayment through iGrad's state-of-the-art federal financial aid entrance and exit counseling, which is fully DOE compliant.

Continuous, Dynamic Learning

Dynamic Learning

As students interact with the courses and exercises, the platform learns about their specific situtation and delivers the most relevant financial literacy content to them using a weighted algorithm. This algorithm automatically adjusts the content as the student's situation changes, always ensuring delivery of the most needed, most relevant content.

Identify "at-risk" student borrowers

Student Borrowers

The data from the student interaction is analyzed, and the iGrad platform can automatically "flag" student profiles which are the highest risks of drop-out and student loan default. School administrators can proactively help these students by utilizing a special iGrad course or reaching out to these students individually.

Benchmark against other institutions

Insititution Benchmark

iGrad's easy-to-use admin panel allows school administrators to view and download reports which show student-level detail, compare school trends across different departments or campuses, and compare school trends against benchmark numbers from all schools. This reporting is the key to an effective synergy between financial literacy, default pre- vention and default management initiatives.

If you are a school administrator and would like to learn more about using iGrad at your school:

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Video How To Lower Student Loan Default Rate With Financial Literacy

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