Financial Literacy Compendium: A Guide to the Best College Financial Literacy Programs

Guide to the Best Financial Literacy Programs at Colleges
iGrad selected 24 of the most innovative financial literacy programs at colleges today, and then interviewed college administrators at these schools to get the details on what is working, what they would have done differently, and the best resources to use.

This "Compendium" is a collection of the results of this project, and includes advice from the administrators intended for other schools that are seeking to implement or expand their own financial literacy programs. Among the included financial literacy initiatives are peer-to-peer models, interactive online workshops, mandatory classroom curriculum, stock market simulations and more.

Download the full 37-page "Financial Literacy Compendium" below.

Download College Financial Literacy Compendium PDF
Download the "College Financial Literacy Compendium" here



About the Author: Kris Alban

Kris Alban is Vice President of iGrad, a leading provider of Financial Literacy and Default Prevention for colleges and universities. Prior to iGrad, he worked within the student loan industry for seven years, where he primarily managed the online counseling and interaction with student borrowers for a top student loan lender. Kris also contributes to Investing IQ and serves on the Financial Literacy Task Force for COHEAO.

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