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There are plenty of great companies known for hiring recent grads—but which ones are the best? Well, in my book, I want to be at a company that takes care of its employees but also realizes that there needs to be a little play in addition to work. Here’s a list of the top 10 FUN companies to work for (in no particular order) from a variety of industries. Even better, many of their career pages offer tips for interviewing at their company, advice on submitting an eye-catching resume, and videos of what it’s like to work there! Plus, once you have your eye on your dream job and company, all you have to do is talk your way in the front door.


How cool would it be to tell your friends you work for Google? Not only does a high level of prestige come with that name, but they treat their employees like kings and queens--free lunches, pet-friendly offices, huge gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, places to get a haircut, car washes, dry cleaning services, commuting buses, and the list goes on. They have held top 5 ranking in Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for for several years in a row. And to top it all off, they offer a huge tuition reimbursement of up to $12,000 per calendar year. Here are some instructions directly from Google on what they look for in a resume and a video on what it’s like to work there.

Teach for America

Nothing would feel more rewarding than spending two years teaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds in low-income areas. In fact, their site reports a disheartening fact: only 1 in 10 children living in poverty graduate from college. You can help improve that rate. Teach for America offers a benefits package and a very rewarding couple of years. It’s a great way to escape the post-college cubicle. Learn more.

Deloitte & Touche

I remember Deloitte was a fixture at my college’s job fairs as an undergrad. They have a fetish for hiring recent grads that you should take advantage of, especially if you’re into accounting or finance. Deloitte once again captured the No. 1 spot on BusinessWeek’s Best Places to Launch a Career list. Even better, compared to their competitors, they pay the best salary—18% of their entry-level hires earn over $65,000. In addition, they have a generous vacation package and excellent continuing education programs. Go here for more.

Peace Corps

Peace corps volunteers serve in over 77 countries, including Africa and the Caribbean—yes, you can go to a tropical island. This is great for those who love to travel and aren’t quite ready to make a career decision after college. From teaching English to elementary school children in Zambia to launching a computer learning center in Moldova to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in South Africa, there are a wealth of adventures to choose from and they provide you with a place to stay. For more details, visit their careers page.


  With 100 years of expertise in all things beauty and offices around the globe, L’Oreal is an alluring place to work, especially if you are “green” and/or a woman who is into the sciences—they are huge supporters of both. They use solar power to heat their factories and almost half of their factories send zero waste to landfills. Plus, they are proponents of diversity and encourage the promotion of women to upper management positions. Get beauty tips and more on their hiring process here.


Like Google, Amazon bears a prestigious name and it’s also a Fortune 500 company. They typically conduct on-campus interviews and even pay their interns. Yes. It’s true. Another bonus is that they sponsor three employee groups to promote diversity and networking for blacks, homosexuals and women in technology. Read more.

Walt Disney

Who wouldn’t want to work for the happiest place on earth? They’ve won awards from very prestigious sources for being green, innovative and the most admired entertainment company. Better yet, they offer employee and cast member contests, complimentary theme park passports, and educational reimbursement. To apply to become an “Imagineer,” go here.

Southwest Airlines

The best perk about working for this airline is that employees and their immediate family get to fly for free and also get discounts on other airlines. And if you don’t want to travel with family (I understand), there are buddy passes too for friends. They have their own training facility and are known for being green. Peruse Southwest’s careers page for more.

Verizon Wireless

Cell phones are here to stay, so this makes for a stable career. VZW is investing $1 billion over the next two years in 3G Broadband Access service. They're the industry leader in this technology, which makes them an incredible place for network/engineering and IT grads to keep up with advancements in the field. They also offer tuition assistance and were ranked one of Training magazine’s “Top 100 Training Organizations in America.” Find out more about what they offer college grads.


Not only has Nordstrom been a thriving business for more than 100 years, it’s a great place to shop and work. Not only do you get the store discount of 20% off, but you have the opportunity to start in retail at the store and work your way up to a variety of departments, including IT, marketing, writing, and fashion of course. And if you’re reading this proactively and haven’t graduated yet, look into the internships they offer to junior and senior college students. Click here to find out more.

Apply away! And if none of these are really doing it for you, here is a more extensive list of companies that are notorious for hiring recent grads and treating them well too.

About the Author: Michelle Barbeau

Michelle Barbeau graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2006 with a B.A. in English and minor in Professional Writing. She is currently in graduate school working toward a Masters in Rhetoric and Writing. Michelle has worked as an editor and writer for four years and teaches Freshman Composition at a local university. She also considers herself an authority in resume writing and acing the GRE, and provides free resume critiques to potential clients. To learn more about Michelle's resume critiques and read more of her insightful career expertise, check out her career advice blog.

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