Calling All Student Consumers of Media: Opportunity to Test New Product!

This article was originally posted on Tweetalicious Blog and is being presented to you on iGrad as an opportunity to share your valuable input and make a difference as leading consumers of media today.

What’s the Biggest Lesson From Web 1.0?

Tweetalicious BlogAs an aspiring Web 2.0 company who are we not to heed the lessons of Web 1.0? Early adopters almost always tend to be college-aged students. Hotmail grew campus to campus and Facebook replicated that brilliance to a tee. Any marketer has to look at the sheer number of millennials in college today (about 20 million) and realize that they are the future of the U.S. consumer market. Now, where’s that Hotmail marketing plan?

Apply foot gently to brake and remember . . .

. . . the biggest lesson from Web 1.0 isn’t marketing or PR. It’s to incorporate the voice of the customer into product development. I saw this in full effect at eBay with its Voices program. And when we started expanding internationally at LinkedIn, we spent countless hours in front of existing members and customers who told us to “keep it boring” and “don’t be Facebook.”

We’ve put our next New Product (more on this later) through alpha tests, including top fashion and design students in New York and Philadelphia, and have learned a lot about how these students consume media and use (or don’t use) Twitter.

We Need Your Input!

In June we’ll be expanding our testing to include an additional 100 students, with a focus on marketing, PR, e-commerce (and of course fashion and design), who would like to provide input on our New Product in exchange for inclusion in our curated content at launch—this includes top designers, brands, celebrities and lifestyle media outlets.

For more information, send an email to You will be sent the link to the beta test which only takes 10-15 minutes.

About the Author: Mackenzie Maher

Mackenzie Maher, Editor and Online Content Manager, graduated in 2010 from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in Global Studies and a minor in Professional Writing, with an editing emphasis. Mackenzie’s diverse portfolio also includes writing, editing, photography, and documentary script writing on such subjects as travel, career, and finance. Next to writing, she is most passionate about world travel (she has visited 24 countries).

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