Don't Look Back: How To Navigate the Waters of Post-Grad Life

Welcome to the Future

Navigating the Post-Grad Waters of Life Can Be Scary, But iGrad is Here to HelpOne of the most difficult parts of no longer existing in a world that revolves around a university system is the uncertainty. There is no longer a defined goal (e.g., complete your degree in 4 years, then get out); there is no longer a clear path (e.g., general education, lower division courses, upper division courses, anything else to round off the number of units required to graduate). Lately, I've been struggling with the following question: How do I know the decisions I'm making today are right for my future?

Chasing The Dream

Some people think my life is exciting because I lived abroad for all of my senior year of college, came back and moved to New York City, got to study ballet at one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world, then moved back to the Golden Coast and started my own dance program. I suppose, in print, it does sound a bit glamorous. Still, like many of my friends in their early 20s, I find myself wondering whether I should be pursuing additional degrees, searching for a full-time job (to pay for the previous degree, of course), or if I should keep chasing my dreams?

Don't look back.Dance your way through life focusing on the things you truly want.I think in the end (and by "end" I mean after all of this post-grad craziness is over, and we've successfully rediscovered and redefined ourselves), what matters is that we can be happy with the decisions we've made. One of my closest friends says that, while we may have to make many sacrifices in this stage of life, we can find assurance in knowing that the opportunities we've given up aren't as amazing as those we've gained. He says it's about focusing on what we truly want, not veering from that goal, and not going through life wondering "What if?"

Twenty-Something Travails

So how will I continue navigating these rough waters of emerging adulthood? I plan to keep reading tons and tons of 20-something literature, stay up-to-date on what my fellow entrepreneurial peers are doing, and keep sharing my struggles and inspirations with anyone who's interested. Hopefully, I'll help myself and others along the way.

iGrad Guest-Blogger Saumirah McWoodson is a blogger, entrepreneur, and 2009 graduate of the University of the Pacific.

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