Top 3 Tips to Score Cheap Wall Art


Nab cheap art to decorate dorm rooms without using tacky posters, like this student!

Hi guys! It’s Kaleigh from Every College Girl, and the lovely folks here at iGrad have been kind enough to invite me to do a guest article about how to find cheap wall art for your dorm room or apartment.

As college students or recent grads, it’s all about balancing living on a budget with living in style, and your decor is no exception. You don’t have to have a bunch of movie posters taped to your wall to get cheap wall art, either.  Read on for my tips:

Make Yourself a Masterpiece

Photos are a pretty typical form a wall art, but you can take it to the next level. First, find some interesting photos that are either important to you or really dynamic. Try scouring old family photos for funny pics of you as a kid, or cool shots of your parents when they were your age, or take some photos of the city around you. Next, head into your local Wal-Mart or Costco and have the photos blown up, and then pick up a cheap frame to hang them in! For a classy, modern look, get black frames and have the photos printed in black and white. All of a sudden, your family portraits are high-class art!

Frame What You’ve Got

While photos make great wall art, there are lots of other goodies you have lying around that can really make a statement on your walls. I’m talking t-shirts and albums here! Urban Outfitters, among other retailers, sells frames that are the perfect size for framing up your too-small graphic tees and your Abbey Road album cover. It’s an inexpensive way to use what you already have to create fun, interesting, youthful wall art that’s sure to get your friends talking.

Support Someone Else

This is probably my favorite tip, because it helps out other kids our age. Head over to the nearest art school and inquire about buying some student work. Sometimes they have shows where you can buy the work, or they may just put you in contact with a few students. Some students might even make you a custom piece for a small commission price! Since these artists are students, and virtually unknown, the cost is cut way down, but while they’re studying in art school they can create some of their best work!

Plus, you never know, someday you might hold an early piece by a famous artist from when they were just a starving art student…

What Do You Think?

What are your favorite ways to score cheap wall art and decorate your pad (without taping up old posters)? Leave a comment and don’t forget to check out Every College Girl for more money-saving tips for decorating, living, beauty, style and more!


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