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So, I Graduated From College... Now What? 

Beat the Post-College BluesSomehow, it seems all you've graduated with is a sense of longing for the fun of university life, the sense of collegiate community, the outrageous parties, and even the academic spirit in the air.  It's not exactly a fair trade, exchanging all these things for the stressors of the real world, but believe it or not, the best is yet ahead.  Check out the best of iGrad's resources for breaking out of the depression, beating the post-college blues, and getting on your way to a healthy and financially secure life:



iGrad's Best 5 Beat-the-Post-College-Blues Articles

1.) Get Ready for the Post-College Blues - After the excitement about your newfound break from exams and early-morning classes wears off, use these 6 tips for beating the post college blues.

2.) You Graduated. Why Aren't You Ecstatic? - Do you miss the university lifestyle, the college social scene, the Greek Week's, and on and on?  Use these 3 strategies to invigorate your personal and social life after graduating from school.

3.) 5 Ways to Beat the Blues - Do a self assessment test to gauge whether your case of the blues is a simple longing for your recently-ended college days or a true, clinical depression (and use these 5 tips to beat the blues!).

4.) How to Avoid the College Depression Rut - Let's face it: college is a ton of fun, but it can be super stressful at times.  If you're still in school and having trouble handling all the stress, use these 3 strategies to conquer your academic troubles.

5.) Overcoming Post-College Despair - Learn how to stay motivated with this list of post-college DO's and DONT'S, which will help you shake off the post college blues.

iGrad's Top 6 Recommended Books For Overcoming Post-College Depression


The 20 Something Manifesto
What They Don't Teach You in College The Turbulent Twenties Survival Guide
Moneylicious: Cure Post-college Depression by Learning how to Manage your Money
Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want Moneylicious: A Financial Clue for Generation Y


Get Out of the Post Graduation Rut

Life definitely gets a whole lot more stressful after graduating from college.  Bills can start piling up, student loan collectors come calling, and increasingly big life decisions must be made.  At iGrad, we've created a financial literacy social network that you can join for free to make sense of your personal finances and take control of your future, while having a little fun along the way.  Here are some of our best resources!

  • CALCULATOR: Breathe easier and start saving money on your cable bill with our custom Internet TV Calculator, which picks the cheapest streaming television service (i.e. Netflix on XBox or Wii, Hulu on BluRay player, Roku, Boxee, etc) based on the shows you actually watch!
  • PLAY: Play iGrad's Identity Theft Faceoff game to gain some incredibly valuable knowledge about protecting yourself from the dangers of identity theft, while blowing off some of that post-college-blues steam.
  • SAVE: Are you getting ready to move off of campus or into a new apartment?  Use iGrad's Free Moving Quote Calculator to get discounted moving rates from our Partner Movers in your neighborhood.
  • QUIZ: Test your Financial Literacy IQ and see how you stack up against your friends with our personal finance quiz.  Knowledge is power!
  • WATCH: Has all that post-college job searching got you worn down?  Watch this quick, little video about how to get a LinkedIn profile powered up to aid you on your way.

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