The Online Jackpot: Money Anyone?

The Online Jackpot – Money Anyone?: Close Up Of Dollar Bill

When I was 15, all I knew about the internet were three simple things: Google, email, and of course social networking sites (I remember my old Friendster days). Three things all right, but they were more than enough to keep me glued to the monitor all day long.

My parents kept reminding me how much time and money (except research and email) I wasted online. That changed… accidentally. How? I hit an online jackpot. To be exact, I made money online.

I found a way to make back all the money I supposedly wasted from years of my online addiction. I’m about to tell you the story on how I did it. It sort of happened by chance - remind me to thank my lucky stars again.

What’s the online jackpot?

The online jackpot comes in many forms. In order to discover it, you need to go beyond your social networking site (or simply put, go beyond Facebook). Because as much as there are millions, even billions of online users worldwide, only a small percentage of the users ever come to realize the true potential of the web. And yes, I mean money-making potential.

So what are these forms of online jackpots? The most popular ones are blogging (which is where I started), and internet marketing. Of course everyone is familiar with blogging (I bet your MySpace account is updated at least once a week). Even MySpace is a certain form of professional blogging that targets a worldwide audience (not just your friends and family). Remember PerezHilton, Mashable, Engadget and the likes? You get the idea.

Blogging could be your online jackpot

I started when I was 15. I didn’t have any money (summer time = teenage bankruptcy), techie skill or even a decent background to begin with. All I had was a free blogging account, and an enthusiasm to post my thoughts about anything and everything.

It’s kind of an easy process when you think about it. Here’s the gist: select a specific niche, create the blog, post regularly, build a reader-base, find monetizing methods (paid ads, sponsored reviews, be an affiliate etc.), then make money and  keep posting regularly about things you’re passionate about.

I’m not saying its automatic benefits to reap - I’m just saying that’s how simple it is!

I made money at 15

Surprisingly enough, I made money though blogging without even intending too. It didn’t make me rich (well at least not yet), but it was extra cash, and something I could do whenever I wanted to (and who doesn’t want that?). Not bad at all for just sharing my thoughts. The money I earned forced me to open up a PayPal account (to receive payments). Funny thing is I seriously didn’t know what to do with it at that time. And yes, I mean the money.

This proves that it is possible to do something that’s financially rewarding (and that excludes being bribed to do the chores), while still being at school. Plus, it’s completely compatible with maintaining a good academic performance - at least in my case (I finished high school with honors!).

You can find your jackpot too!

Your jackpot doesn’t have to just be blogging. My tip would be to first figure out what you’re good at. Whatever it is, the web always has a place for you. If you still can’t figure it out, start with something you enjoy doing, such as designing web graphics. My enjoyment has evolved into a small online graphic design business - another of my online jackpots!

See? All you need is a little thinking beyond the box. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, or penniless. Heck, we even have 11-year old whiz bloggers now. Who knows, you might be the web’s next big thing. I sure am determined to be one.  And guess what, I’m not even 18 yet!



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