Smart Borrowing Episode 3: Preparing for Repayment

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Smart Borrowing and the Future of Repayment: Preparing for Repayment (Episode 3/4)

Ever wish you had a magical, time-traveling doctor from the future who showed up during some of life's key moments with handy advice? Of course you did! Follow the adventures of Doctor Winston Jacobs as he comes to the rescue of students in need with useful answers and sage guidance.

About the Series: These days, many students require some form of student loans to fund their education. As a student loan borrower, it’s important to remember that borrowing money is always easier than paying it back! iGrad’s Smart Borrowing and The Future of Repayment video series shows you how even a few simple strategies just may translate into more reasonable and manageable student loan repayments, after choosing a repayment plan. In this episode, we cover strategies to consider when preparing for repayment.

Note: Paid acting talent, not an actual student. Also, not an actual time-traveling doctor from the future.
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