Webinar -- Student Loan Repayment: Breaking Down the Federal Options

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Student borrowers have a number of different options when choosing a repayment plan. In March's webinar, student loan expert Heather Jarvis broke down each federal repayment plan, so that borrowers could understand what choices they can make and the pros and cons of each available option.

About the Presenter:

Heather Jarvis is a nationally recognized expert on educational debt and the financial barriers facing student loan borrowers. She is also the publisher of askheatherjarvis.com. For nearly ten years, Heather has dedicated her expertise to making higher education a reality for all. She provides guidance and information to government officials, university professionals, and thousands of student loan borrowers. Heather serves as Chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Government Relations and Student Financial Aid. Heather Jarvis graduated cum laude from Duke University School of Law owing $125,000 in student loans.

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