Webinar -- How to ROCK Your Personal Finances w/ Jenny Blake

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How to ROCK Your Personal Finances: An iGrad Webinar with Jenny Blake

June 28th, 2011 – 5PM EST

Catch up on an incredible webinar in personal finance from iGrad, covering how to get started on the road to financial well-being, how to avoid and get out of debt, how to balance responsibility with enjoying the things you love, and much more!


A Bit About Jenny Blake

Get Answers to Top Personal Finance Questions for College Students and Recent Grads

  • Where’s the Best Place to Start When it Comes to Personal Finance?
  • What Should You Do If You Are Already in Debt?
  • The Latte Factor – How Can You Make Room for Things You Enjoy?
  • How Can Young People Get Started Building Credit?
  • What is the Single Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Money Management?
  • What Online Resources Can Help With Your Personal Finances?
  • Is Automatic Bill-Pay Ever a Good Idea?
  • What Are the 3 Most Important Personal Finance Tips College Students And Recent Graduates Should Know?
  • How Can I Align My Financial Goals with My Values

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