How to Fill Out the FAFSA

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How to Fill Out the FAFSA Full Video (All 7 Steps)

Step 1 Preparing for the FAFSA

Step 1: Preparing for the FAFSA

Learn about what documentation and information you will need in order to fill out the FAFSA. 
Step 2 Getting Started on the FAFSA

Step 2:

Getting Started

Filling out basic information that will be necessary to get you started.
Step 3 Student Eligibility for the FAFSA

Step 3:

Student Eligibility

Answering questions that will determine your eligibility.
Step 4 School Selection for the FAFSA

Step 4:

School Selection

This section will ask you which school (s) you are applying to and/or plan on applying to. 
Step 5 Dependency Determination for the FAFSA

Step 5: Dependency Determination

Answer questions to determine your dependency status. 
Step 6 Tax Information and IRS Data Retrieval Tool FAFSA


Step 6:

Tax Information and IRS Data Retrieval Tool

Student and Parent (if applicable) tax information will need to be entered in manually or by using the IRS data retrieval tool. 
Step 7 Signing and Submitting the FAFSA

Step 7:

Signing and Submitting the FAFSA 

Learn how to sign and submit your FAFSA properly.