Webinar -- Financial Literacy For Students With Military Educational Benefits

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Military student funding can involve a lengthy discussion because there are different groups that all fall under this larger category: active duty, retired service members, spouses, dependents, reservists… all with their own particular niche of funding and some with more than one option that is open to them. To further complicate the situation, there are lifestyle factors which come into play with military students that simply don’t exist with other students, some of which innocuously alter how someone with a military background approaches school—such as having the discipline to develop good study habits. However, there are other factors that are not always recognizable as being the result of a military lifestyle, such as inexperienced budgeting, and must be taken into account to ensure student success.

About the Presenter

Jessica Brodkin Webb, newly hired Director of Military Support and Development for iGrad, comes to us with a strong military education background. A former Military Education Counselor with a large for-profit University, she had the opportunity to put her teaching experience to work and assist countless military students and spouses with developing specific career goals and utilizing their military educational benefits. As a Navy spouse (retired), Jessica has personal experience with unexpected moves, limited funding, and the many financial and lifestyle factors that affect military students and their families. Ms. Webb recently earned her M.A. in Education and Public Policy and volunteers as a tutor in her spare time.

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